Early birds and more for less


Early birds and more for less!

Save € 95 on two day’s or € 45 on one day tickets booking before June 22nd. Check the regular rates and find out we have more to offer for less this year. Apart from the extensive list of speakers, life demo’s of fully functional games, with proven effect exceed thirty. It seems that serious games have passed the valley of death! The venue for this year, the former Philips factory, is an inspiring and creative environment. You will enjoy keynotes, presentations, demo’s, debates, workshops, fun and interaction in several theatres and the enclosed garden. Hotels are on walking distance, relevant for those you join our drinks or the Ice Break Party to meet and greet old and new friends. For the soccer fans, we might even have a surprise, the PSV stadium is just across the street.

Our objective, all of you return home happy. Complete according the main theme Transformation and Richard Layar: happiness replaces richness. In Games of Health Europe’s founder Jurriaan van Rijswijk terms, happiness prevalent over health profit by means of serious games.

See you in Eindhoven,

Cheers from the organizing committee!