Conference 2017 Retrospective


Conference 2017 Retrospective

How was it?

Most likely the question upon return home or at work from your children, spouses, friends or colleagues after being away for one or two days. We are eager to know what your answer to this question was.

But first of all we would like to thank you for your presence, participation and contribution to the 7th Games for Health Europe conference. Either just as a listener or as an active contributor, it doesn’t matter, we highly appreciate your involvement in the world of serious games. And so did our exhibitors and sponsors by the way. We never received so many positive remarks from them of course, due to your interest in all the active plays and applications. Thank you very much!

Want to see something again, or perhaps yourselves, the button below brings you to over 400 images!
And even nicer, the other button brings you to the movie. Did you notice the drone flying over your head?

No guarantee you are pictured or filmed, but give it a try.

Based on all enthusiasm from you and others we immediately started the preparations for the 8th Games for Health Europe conference. It will be October 8 & 9, 2018, again at the extraordinary TAC building. So, reserve the dates on your digital agenda!

Back to the start of this message, we need your feedback. There are always lessons to be learned, which we will incorporate in next year’s conference. So, please complete the questionnaire by selecting the appropriate button. Among all fully completed questionnaires, we will have a draw for five free tickets for next year. So, take the chance!

On behalf of the complete conference team, thanks again,
AND, see you next year!


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