Why join the conference?




Contribute to the birth of the true transformation of the healthcare sector: from fighting sickness to restoring and promoting happiness and wellbeing.

The call for transformation in healthcare is getting louder. Patients, medical professionals and other stakeholders strive and fight for a fundamental change of attitude and systemic structures, moving the focus from sickness to happiness and wellbeing. Will serious games play a major role in this transformation and how? You may be part of the answer to this!

Mix and Match

Mix and match with physicians, game designers, entrepreneurs, nurses, scientists, medical innovators, policy makers, business developers, investors and other stakeholders.

A transformation of healthcare can only be realised through a collaboration of all relevant stakeholders. The conference is the place where all these stakeholders come together, exchange information and experiences, discuss the opportunities, create awareness for pitfals and align their objectives. Couldn’t it be greater if you can tell that you witnessed the major steps in transformation?

Be part

Be part of the largest international conference on serious/applied games.

Since its first edition in 2010, the Games for Health Europe Conference has become the largest conference of its kind, attracting over 400 highly committed participants from across the world who present research and games, engage in interactive workshops, exchange information and experiences, get new ideas, create new opportunities and not at least, have fun too!


Test yourself the latest serious/applied games and experience that they actually are fully functional in practice. 

We asked this year’s contributors to pay special attention to validation. During this conference we will pay special attention to validation, so you will return home with the latest proof of true value for daily life. And we will provide lots of opportunities to test and discuss the functionality. Participate active and experience that serious games actually do what they claim!


Join open discussions of legal, financial and business challenges.

Transforming healthcare is not just a matter of doing research and creating effective games. It also involves efforts in areas such as law, finance and business. The conference includes over 50 workshops and open discussions involving experts as well as absolute beginners.