Technical Requirements

  • Please use the format as mentioned in the speaker presentation guidelines, as you will have received
  • This format is an obligation. If you already have prepared your presentation, please copy/paste it in the format
  • If you want to show the logo of your own organisation, please put this on the top left corner
  • We prefer that all speakers use the same font type. Please use “arial”, since this is a clear and easy to read font, like in these instructions
  • For the font size, do not go lower than 14, considering the fact that also people at the last rows in the conference room like to be able to read your presentation
  • If you use tables in your presentation, consider the same font and size as most relevant. We do not like, neither the audience, lists of numbers which cannot be read
  • Try to limit the number of colors in your text. Black results in the optimal resolution and visibility

We apologize for the fact this may result in some extra work, but we are convinced, most likely with you, that this will contribute to the quality of the conference and the joy of the attendees!

Some more to go:

  • If you are an Apple user, make sure that your presentation still fits into the powerpoint format. We know this is possible
  • In the unlikely situation this is not possible, please bring your presentation on a USB stick, meet with our technicians long before your presentation, so they will have the chance to put it in the right format
  • As mentioned in the speaker presentation guidelines, for reasons of time restrictions, we will not allow the use of your own MACBOOK. We have experienced to much trouble and loss of time. Please note that the time it will take to get your presentation up-and-running will be deducted from your presentation time
  • If you show videos or movies, make sure they are incorporated into your presentation as mpeg file, and check, double check if they work properly, sound included. Again, it is a waste of time if a movie or video does not work
  • For Youtube videos, please provide the appropriate link, separate from your presentation, together with the embedded link. All over the place we have wifi for internet access, but we need to test the link in advance
  • In the unlikely situation that you use Prezi, the format as mentioned above remains an obligation. And, sent us the link of your Prezi before September 20th, together with a PDF file of your Prezi, so we can check and double check.
  • Finally, for reasons of safety, make sure you bring your presentation also on an USB stick. You never know!

For any further questions, do not hesitate a second to contact

Let’s make it a great success.