Michael Saiger

Researcher at Proper QA

Michael Saiger

Researcher at Proper QA
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Game developer and computer scientist, my interest lies in learning new disciplines to further digital developments. My most proud achievements are developing games for children with learning difficulties as well as individuals with mild cognitive impairments.


Playing With Preferences: Economic Decision Making and Serious Games

Economic decision making and preference elicitation methods provide stakeholders with information to help inform decisions, whether in health or business. The behavioural theories in economics are suggested in video game design and the preference elicitation methods present interactive applications to understand individuals preferences towards a topic. Therefore, a suggestion could be made that the discipline of economics and game design share a common goal in exploring behaviour. Exploring behaviours of individuals could answer issues in economics such as reversal of preferences and how economic choices impact meaningful choice in games.


Observing User Experience from People with Dementia

The study presented is what was done as part of a masters degree in Digital Health and Wellness. The development of a prototype to observe the user experience and cognitive performance of individuals, both with and without, dementia. The poster presentation will display how the researcher used game design principles, such as game design frameworks and score based minigames to observe how individuals with dementia interacted with a video game prototype.
The poster presentation will display the design of the prototype and method of the study, along with the data gathered from the data.