Marina Broëva

Msc., Founder of BRAIVE

Marina Broëva

Msc., Founder of BRAIVE


Marina Broeva is the founder of BRAIVE, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness on mental health and empowering the youth.

After facing many life challenges and eventually hitting rock bottom Marina got inspired to break the cycle and step up for what she believes – prevention over healing. Seeing education as the driving force to change the way the entire society perceives and treats mental health.

Marina has an academic background in Economics MsC, Communication Science BsC and Russian BA and has helped building the data-science start-up Quantillion. True connection, being able to contribute to something greater than herself and helping others is what gets her out of bed each day.

When going back to bed she usually brings a psychology book, because she’s passionately interested in people and the forces that drive them.

Right now she is launching a school project to improve the youth’s mental health through inspiration, education and activation in a creative, entertaining and interactive way.


Stop talking, start doing – why we have to start focussing on prevention.

The amount of young people (12-25) struggling with mental health problems has increased significantly over the past decade. Stress due to high expectations, a perfect life on social media and a lack of true connection is causing more depressions, burn-outs and even suicides. Making it a growing problem for the entire society, because the young people are the future and right now, that future doesn’t look that great.

It’s concerning that with these facts at hand, we still live in a society that focuses almost all its time, energy and money on healing rather than prevention. While the waiting lists for help are growing and more youngsters end up in crisis situations – in schools, little to no attention is paid to mental health.

BRAIVE believes that education can be the driving force to change this, first comes awareness then behavioral change. We developed a fun and interactive project that goes deep and appeals to the youth. We share knowledge and experience, create a space for connection and show how mind and body are interconnected. Inspiring youngsters to invest in their mental and physical health. I

t is time to be BRAIVE and take action!