Games for Health Europe

The leading professional community and organization in the field of applied health games.

Games for Health Europe Foundation is Europe’s leading professional organization in the field of applied health games. We bring together the best minds in game development and healthcare to develop game technologies that improve health and the delivery of healthcare. Games for Health Europe is a non-profit organization that was founded by Jurriaan & Sandra van Rijswijk in 2010.

Games for Health Projects is the foundation’s creative development engine. Applied games and other exciting solutions for healthcare or societal issues are designed for the Netherlands and abroad. An overview of selected games is presented at Gamesfor.Health.

Our Mission

Bringing together medical professionals, academics, game developers and industry leaders we strive to engage them in an innovative and groundbreaking discussion on the impact games, simulations and gamification techniques have on us all now and in the near future.

Reasons to participate

  • Be part of the largest conference on games for health in Europe.
  • Contribute to the birth of the healthcare sector 2.0: From fighting sickness to restoring and promoting happiness and wellbeing.
  • Mix and match with medical doctors, game designers, entrepreneurs, nurses, scientists, medical innovators, etc.
  • Try out the latest games for health and experience that they really work.
  • Join open discussions of legal, financial and business challenges.