Winner Games for Health Europe Award 2012: Flavour with Ambulance Control!

We proudly announce the winner of this years Games for Health Europe Award: Flavour with the game Ambulance Control!

In the game Ambulance Control players take on the role of a 112-operator to experience how difficult this job is, but also how important it is to make the right choices. It is not an option to send an ambulance to all emergency reports, the operator has to determine when the situation really asks for an emergency solution.  The player of the game treats all incoming messages by asking questions to those calling the 112 number, as is the case in a real emergency room. Ambulance Control lets the player experience that ambulance care saves lifes, by handling the capacity wisely: ambulances can only be deployed for those in danger of life. Nice fact: All scenarios used in the game are based on actual 112-reports, written by real emergency room operators.

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