Competitive gaming for healthy emotion regulation – Adam Lobel

What are the positive effects of competitive gaming on your emotional regulation. How do you regulate your emotions when you feel stressed and how can games help to do this? Personally I am curious for this talk, considering I could gain some aptitude in regulating my emotions in stressful situation (the emotional female that I am),

What is healthy regulation when discussing emotions? You need to be flexible and aware concerning your emotions. Physiological responses can make us aware of how we feel, and when we become more aware we can learn to regulate.

Chess on steroids is the game used to test the hypotheses of Lobel, actual name: Starcraft II. This game provides  stress on three levels. You need to make decisions in real time, information is incomplete and all decisions are important. Emotions regulation can be measured through suppression, rumination, reappraisal and support seeking. During the game stressful engagement, physiological stress and physiological awareness were measured as well.

Lobel manages to get the whole room stressed out by showing a short snippet of an actual game while rapidly report on what we see. I for one actually felt the stress, and made me pay less attention to my blog unfortunately. I however promise you it looked exciting! It is completely understandable how this could raise stress levels through the roof.

The lesson we can learn from this research is that games are not just games. They can trigger people how to deal with stress and become better at it. Personally again, I think I could gain from gaming in that regard. After a sneak peek at Starcraft however, I think I will start with a different game.